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GUN VIOLENCE: 8th grade, Wainwright, Heston Academic Plus

Grades: 6, 7, 8 and 9 • Issues: Violence (Gun, Youth, etc.) • Curriculum: Mathematics, Reading, Social Studies, Speaking & Listening, Using Technology & Media and Writing

To hear Kathie Wainwright's students describe their project on gun violence, click here

The topic hit close to home for these students at Heston Academics Plus School in West Philadelphia.

This winter one of Kathie's students brought a gun to school and threatened some of his peers. The school also had to deal with the loss of a former student who was shot o ... Read Full Project

LITTERING, 3rd grade, Matteo, Fell Elementary School

Grades: 3 and 4 • Issues: Environment/Urban Blight • Curriculum: Social Studies, Speaking & Listening and Writing

To listen to Gretchen Matteo's students describe their project, click here

Can you imagine how much trash is generated by 45,000 fans at a Phillies game? Gretchen Matteo's 3rd graders have some ideas about this since their project involved helping the Phillies' "Red Goes Green" team collect all kinds of trash and recyclables from fans at Need in Deed Night at the ... Read Full Project

URBAN BLIGHT, 6th grade, Rivera, McCall Elementary School

Grades: 5, 6 and 7 • Issues: Environment/Urban Blight • Curriculum: Reading, Social Studies, Speaking & Listening and Writing

Not three days after finalizing their topic as "urban blight," several students in Michelle Rivera's 6th grade class — including every one of her ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) students —brought in photographs, internet pictures, definitions, and information related to their topic.

"When I sent them all home with cameras," Michelle recalls, "they were eager to do their par ... Read Full Project