"It was different because I've never done anything like that before. I liked it because it helped other people—
it changed other people's lives."

— A fourth grader talking about her experience with My Voice.

Service-learning is a teaching strategy that engages students in meaningful service activities in their schools and communities as part of the standard academic curriculum. Integrated into (but not limited to) the school day, service-learning connects young people with the structured activities that address human and community issues, and that provides opportunities for increased student academic engagement, civic responsibility, personal and social development and the acquisition of critical thinking skills.

My Voice is the name of Need in Deed's service-learning framework. It calls on students to use their gifts and to speak out on behalf of others. It encourages active, hands-on learning. It integrates reflection on real world problems (hunger, homelessness, guns in school, abandoned cars) with the curriculum. In short, it is a powerful way for students to learn more about the world while at the same time building their sense of purpose and capability.