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Student efforts recognized at Shout Out

Topics ranged from cyber bullying to teen pregnancy and water pollution

"I feel like a grown up," said a 3rd grader. Said another, "I'm glad you [teacher] are not the boss of everything!" NID students at Shout Out conveyed their sense of efficacy and empowerment-- and told us they had fun, too!

This year more than 1,100 students in grades 3 through 8 participated in service-learning projects, guided by teachers in NID's teacher network. At Shout Out, the culminating celebration for kids, classes received awards for their year-long projects in such categories as:

  • student voice
  • curriculum connections
  • thoughtful reflection
  • genuine need
  • meaningful service, and
  • transformation.

Five classes received awards for "Outstanding Project," based on evidence they had met all the criteria for a successful NID project:

  • Celeste Rodriguez's 7th grade class at Stetson Middle School, for their project on healthy relationships;
  • Susan Comitalo's 8th grade class at McKinley Elementary, for their project on gun violence;
  • Alexis Fallen's 4th grade class at Logan Elementary, for their project on water pollution;
  • Jasmine Williams' 4th grade class at Logan, for their project on child abuse; and
  • Lisa Hantman's 3rd grade class at McCall Elementary, for their project on smoking.

Community partners, adults who shed light on the topic students are addressing, were formally honored this year for the first time. Receiving awards were:

  • Greg Branch, from the FBI
  • Emily Campion, from Sprout TV
  • Joe Davis, from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Rasheedah Phillips, from Community Legal Services
  • Ellen Schultz and Lanae Copeland, from Fairmount Waterworks, and
  • Khalil Sheralds, from People's Emergency Center.