Behind the Scenes
Need in Deed’s Classroom Partners – supporting change that’s “tangible"

Investing in service-learning for measurable results

Chelsea Badeau, editor-in-chief of the Comcast.net homepage, is evaluated on page views and advertising revenue. Mark Greenberg, president of Compass North Realty, works in real estate where success is also measured in tangibles –properties acquired, leased, managed; projects financed.

Both Mark and Chelsea “invested” in Need in Deed as Classroom Partners because they see the measurable impact that meaningful service-learning can have on the lives of young people.

The Classroom Partnership is a leadership society of individuals and corporations who have made significant financial contributions to Need in Deed. They are paired with local Need in Deed classrooms and follow their class’s progress throughout the year through email updates and classroom visits.

As a former Philadelphia public school student, Chelsea feels that often “the curriculum is so disconnected from real life and what children are experiencing. So they don’t retain what they learn.” She likes NID’s approach to tying the curriculum to “real life issues.”

Mark appreciates NID’s emphasis on problem-solving, a positive student outcome measured through evaluation of Need in Deed classes against comparison classes. He also appreciates educating students around issues that engage them. “It’s a sound model,” he says.

Both Mark’s company and Chelsea’s work group – CIM (Comcast Interactive Media) – hope to get involved in a hands-on way with the classes and schools with whom they have been paired.

Last year CIM’s Human Resources Department launched CIMciety, an initiative designed to build community among the 250 plus employees who work in Philadelphia. One of the three goals is to foster volunteerism among employees. Chelsea and her colleague Ian Pilling co-chair the volunteerism sub-committee. As part of their plan for this school year, they hope to design a Comcast Cares Day around volunteering at “their” school – Logan Elementary.

“In real estate, we’re used to getting our hands dirty,” says Mark. He hopes to find concrete ways to support the Compass North class at McKinley. “We don’t think small in anything we do,” he adds.

Pictured at a recent Need in Deed teacher recognition event are:
CIM employees Ian Pilling (left), Chelsea Badeau (right) with Logan teacher Jasmine Williams.

Compass North employees Eric Boutcher and Duncan Pearson with Sue Comitalo, the teacher at the McKinley School, in Kensington, with whom the company is paired.