Behind the Scenes
The wonderful value of people helping people

A donor writes to Need in Deed

Recently, we received this letter from a donor, tucked into the envelope with his check to Need in Deed. Because it so well captures the spirit of giving associated with this season, we are sharing it with you.

Children need a reason to care about education, as it is not naturally their first priority. In many cases, Need in Deed provides an important solution that has the potential to help kids care about why and what they are learning.

Simple caring can lead to so many good outcomes -- to thoughts about other people in their community who need help. Maybe that leads to learning about how they can offer help through a social service agency.

Ultimately caring leads to action – making a decision to stay in school, to help their classmates be successful in helping people in their community who are served by the social service agency. Maybe they will eventually figure out that the skills of math, reading, writing and communication will empower them toward ultimately helping themselves to accomplish things that are important to them.

Because children live in the real world and face real world issues every day, maybe their Need in Deed experience causes a change in them, making them more aware of the needs of others and how they, little children, can actually feel rewarded by giving of themselves to others.

This is the wonderful value of people helping people.

It is the hope that comes from realizing that education can help reveal solutions to problems that before frustrated hope. Hope and solutions lead to progress and change – maybe a change in the value children and parents place on education.

Maybe slowly, over time, hope and solutions and the value of education can erode frustration and enable decisions and motivate actions that before did not seem realistic or even possible.

Maybe a new generation of Philadelphians will have a higher regard for each other and for the value education plays in their lives – a great lesson for them to their children, and so on.

It is with a great sense of hope and action and commitment that I deliver my support to Need in Deed.

Note: To read an example of a recent project that illustrates the writer's point, see "A perfect storm of service-learning" on the Need in Deed home page.