Teacher Tribute
Lisa Hantman Wins My Voice Award

Supporting Learning in a Real World Context

You’re an elementary school teacher. You’ve discovered a website (http://www.freerice.com) that enables people to expand their vocabulary while also helping end hunger through the U.N. World of Food program. What might you do with such a resource?

If you’re Lisa Hantman, and your 3rd grade students at the McCall School have decided to focus in the issue of hunger for their service-learning project, you’ve found a great way to advance your students’ academic skills and enable them to make a positive contribution toward addressing a problem that concerns them.

“As a teacher, I hope to encourage a social awareness, a depth of feeling that will steer children to being social and political thinkers and activists…In doing a service-learning project, especially one to the depths that NID supports, the students are thinking critically, writing, and strengthening their other skills as well.”

Lisa’s the kind of teacher we wish all children could experience. She’s caring and committed, believes her children are capable of great things, and does whatever she reasonably can to help them achieve their scholastic and personal goals.

As a 2nd year member, Lisa plays an active role in NID’s Teacher Network, serving on the Advisory Committee and helping facilitate peer sharing sessions for Network teachers. And in November, if our proposal is accepted, Lisa, along with NID staff, will participate in Phi Delta Kappa’s International Summit on High Performing Educators. She will share how the elements of service-learning are, in fact, some of the core elements of great teaching.