Behind the Scenes
Connecting the Classroom to the Community, and the Teacher to the Network

Now Accepting Applications for the 2015 – 2016 School Year

Are you a great 3rd – 8th grade teacher in Philadelphia (or do you know a few)? Are you looking for the tools you need to transform your classroom through student-led inquiry? Do you want to take your professional practice as an educator to a deeper level?

If so, you and the Need in Deed Teacher Network may be a perfect fit for each other. For over a decade, NID has been supporting teachers through professional development, one-to-one coaching, resource coordination and community connections. Teachers who are accepted to the Network join a community of educators seeking new ways of teaching, of connecting to their students and the communities where they teach, and of growing as professionals.

Throughout the course of a school year, NID teachers spend time building trust in their classrooms, learning which social issues are important to their students, connecting these interests to curriculum, and conducting meaningful service. NID provides a flexible framework that each teacher can adapt to meet his or her specific classroom setting, learning goals, and student objectives, backed up by the support of an individual program manager and the Network as a whole.

Projects unfolding in NID classrooms this year tackle issues like littering, animal welfare, assisting individuals with special needs, addictions, and violence. These topics are drawn from what students see in their neighborhoods, hear about from the news, or are inspired to think about by others in the community. Implementing NID with your students means embarking on a process that is sometimes unpredictable or even disconcerting, but is always revelatory, exciting, and transformative for teachers and students alike.

NID is currently accepting applications to join the Teacher Network for the 2015-2016 school year. If you would like to learn more or apply, just click here. We welcome inquiries from school administrators as well.