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Philadelphia students march to end violence

Rally and march mobilzes many

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Young people in Philadelphia took to the streets Wednesday morning to participate in a rally to stop the violence that has become part of their everyday lives.

“Every time I go to sleep I hear cops and gunshots around my back way,” said 10 year-old Markief Reid.

Reid, a third grader, was shot in the leg one year ago. “They were running and shooting, the bullet must’ve hit something metal and it flew back to me and hit my leg.”

Like Reid, many of the youth today are all too familiar with the violence in their neighborhoods and want to put an end to it.

Wednesday’s march was a culmination of a year long service-learning project that more than 350 students and community activists partook in. The group gathered at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School and walked up Duncannon Street to Olney High School, where they held an assembly to discuss their projects.

“We want peace,” said one little girl.

The march was organized by Need in Deed, a service-learning organization that encourages young people to voice their concerns about community issues and then take action to help resolve them.

“One of the biggest problems right now is that so many people are complacent and so many people are saying it’s okay and these kids are saying it’s not okay,” said Sunmolu Hamilton-Samuel from Need in Deed. To view the video, click here: http://web.mac.com/needindeed/Site/Marshall_Peace_Rally.html

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