Behind the Scenes
2012 Shout Out Brings Down the House!

Connecting Kids and Adults, Creating Community

“That was literally the most amazing trip of my life!” fourth grader Jeanie raved to her teacher after Need in Deed’s Shout Out celebration last week.

Everyone in attendance seemed to share this sentiment, including one teacher who wrote to tell us she “was moved to tears multiple times because of the work so many teachers and students are doing. I feel appreciated by Need in Deed for the work I do every day.”

The Shout Out, Need in Deed’s annual celebration of student voice, brings together students and teachers from all over the city, community and corporate partners, and a host of other friends and supporters.

This year’s Shout Out featured thirty-seven project display boards presented by 35 teachers and 200 student representatives. Topics ranged from animal abuse to homelessness, pollution to gun violence, and everything in between. There are far too many photos to share here, so be sure to check out our album on Facebook!

The students and teachers were given heart-shaped post-it notes and pens to leave “shout outs” on each other’s boards, which added a new element of excitement and heightened the students’ sense of pride and accomplishment.

Connections were made everywhere: students from schools on opposite ends of the city were able to meet their pen pals and Skype buddies. One very excited third grader exclaimed: “I was wondering if I was ever going to meet my pen pal in real life, then I turned around and she was right there!”

The adults, many of whom presented awards to the students, were equally delighted by the opportunity to hear about the projects straight from the source. “The topics are so serious, scary even, but you can see how empowered they feel to be able to make a difference,” said one presenter.

In addition to the awards given to individual classes and community partners, four NID network members were honored with “Outstanding Teacher” Awards:

  • Deborah Bambino, 7th grade, Feltonville Arts and Sciences
  • Kelly Ford, 4th grade, Moore Elementary School
  • Christina Lucera, 7th grade, W. Wilson Middle School
  • Kathie Wainwright, 4th grade, Pennell Academics Plus

Thank you to all our students, teachers, friends and supporters for making this year’s Shout Out one of the best yet!