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Standing-room-only audience applauds student efforts at Shout Out 2012

Spoken Hand contributes to the "electricity" at NID's culminating awards ceremony at WHYY

What does it feel like to be 13 years-old and receive standing ovation from more than 200 people packed into a crowded auditorium? Ask students in Martha Kutteh's 8th grade class at Widener Memorial School. They were one of four classes to receive an Outstanding Project award at Shout Out, Need in Deed's culminating awards ceremony and year-end celebration, held this year at WHYY studios on Independence Mall.
Winners of the award for Outstanding Project were:

  • Gretchen Matteo's 3rd grade class at Fell Elementary School for their project on littering
  • Michele Rivera's 6th grade class at McCall Elementary, for their project on urban blight
  • Kathie Wainwright's 6th grade class at Heston Academics Plus, for their project on gun violence, and
  • Martha Kutteh's 8th grade class at Widener Memorial for their project on hunger and nutrition.

Presenters this year were:
  • Charisse Lillie, from Comcast
  • Michele Lawrence, from Wells Fargo Bank
  • Meg Liekar and Joanna Follman, from Anthropologie
  • Lizzie Penna, ten-year-old founder of Puppies for Peace
  • Susan Slawson, Philadelphia's Commissioner for Recreation
  • Christa Linzey and Brian Mahoney, from the Phillies
  • Dana Brown, from National Penn Bank, and
  • Eden Kratchman, from the ACE Charitable Foundation

Festivities were enhanced by a special performance from Spoken Hand, a widely acclaimed percussion orchestra that combines the high energy rhythms of four drumming traditions: North Indian tabla, Afro Cuban bata, Brazilian samba, and West African djembe into one distinct voice.

The audience rocked to the beat, many getting up on their feet.

"It was electric!" said guest Will Whetzel.

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