Behind the Scenes
What is it like to be a public school principal?

ACE's Eden Kratchman interviews McCall principal Carol Domb

The day doesn't end at 3 o'clock when you're a public school principal. Carol Domb would know. As the principal at McCall Elementary School in Philadelphia's Society Hill neighborhood, "you can try to schedule things but, really the day just happens," says Carol.

Eden Kratchman, VIce President for Global Giving at the ACE Charitable Foundation, was once herself a student at McCall. Now ACE employees volunteer at the school and the two have developed a close bond over the years.

As part of Need in Deed's partnership with StoryCorps, we recorded an interview in which Eden asked Carol to talk about her work, what she values most about it and who has had the greatest influence on her life.

Listen to this excerpt from their time together.

This and other interviews shared on our website in November are designed to promote the National Day of Listening -- a time for people to slow down and take the time to listen to someone whose friendship they value.