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Students reflect on past success

4th grade class partners with Anthropologie

Sometimes during the course of a Need in Deed project, the stars align.

Last year, when we paired Jasmine Williams’ 4th grade class at Logan Elementary School with Anthropologie, a Philadelphia-based retail store specializing in women’s apparel, accessories and home furnishings, we had no idea how much the two groups would have in common.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when we discovered their mutual passion for the welfare of animals – dogs, especially.

When the students, who had chosen animal abuse as the focus for their yearlong project, met Anthropologie designers and merchandisers who came to their classroom they learned several surprising facts:

  • Many Anthropologie employees bring their dogs to work, a policy approved by the company’s management.
  • Anthropologie had designed a new t-shirt featuring the staff’s favorite pets on the front.
  • When introducing the new line into stores, employees invited local animal shelters to bring in dogs needing homes, which resulted in shoppers adopting the animals with a 100% success rate.

Clearly this was a match meant to be.

Recently, we met with three of Jasmine’s students from last year: Kymble Clark, Debra Church and Kaliek Wilson. They reflected on the various aspects of their NID project on animal abuse, which included distributing flyers about puppy mills to car and bus passengers on Broad Street, raising money for the Pennsylvania SPCA and designing their own custom t-shirts, with help from Anthroplogie. In the course of their reflection, they penned the following poem as a thank you to their corporate partner:

Thank you, Anthropologie
for the work that you have done for me.
Animals – cats and dogs – need help
and we couldn’t do it by ourself.
We had such an awesome time;
we really hope you like our rhyme.
Anthropologie is the best.
Together we can make it – YES!